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The struggle is real: Overcoming hurdles in content creation and review. 

Financial services organizations struggle with creating content in today's fast-paced digital landscape, grappling with content types, channel prioritization, and market preparation. And that’s before they reach the stage of internal review from the legal risk and compliance team. Content review can take as much time as creation, if not more, especially in the financial services sector.

The multiple back-and-forths between departments from initial idea to publication begs several questions, such as:

  1. Are content creation and review processes truly optimized?
  2. Are marketing and compliance teams equipped to deal with the increasing variety of channels?
  3. What is the impact on their workloads? 

To investigate further, Saifr partnered with a research firm to survey 107 marketing and compliance leaders—from junior managers to top executives—in small, medium, and large departments at leading U.S. financial institutions. 

Download this ebook to better understand our findings on time spent on content creation and review, the unique challenges that different job levels and 
 departments face, and the overall process from draft to review.

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The range and number of channels that marketers use these days has only been increasing—both in number and diversity. It seems that this will remain the case for at least the next five years. This increase also puts a strain on compliance teams who are tasked with reviewing content to safeguard against institutional risk. This ebook summarizes survey responses from marketing and compliance professionals on the current state of marketing and compliance workloads and provides action items that firms can take now to help ease workload strains on both teams.

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